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Version: Tenzir v4.3


Returns meta information about Tenzir and nodes.


This operator is experimental and subject to change without notice, even in minor or patch releases.


show <aspect> [options]


The show operator offers introspection capabilities to look at various aspects of Tenzir.


Describes the part of Tenzir to look at.

Available aspects:

  • build: shows compile-time build information.
  • config: shows all current configuration options.
  • connectors: shows all available connectors.
  • dependencies: shows information about build-time dependencies.
  • fields: shows all fields of existing tables at a remote node.
  • formats: shows all available formats.
  • nics: shows all network interfaces for the nic loader.
  • operators: shows all available operators.
  • partitions: shows all table partitions of a remote node.
  • pipelines: shows all managed pipelines of a remote node.
  • plugins: shows all loaded plugins.
  • types: shows all known types at a remote node.
  • version: shows the Tenzir version.


Show all available connectors and formats:

show connectors
show formats

Show all transformations:

show operators | where transformation == true

Show all fields and partitions at a node:

show fields
show partitions

Show the version of a remote node:

remote show version