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Version: Tenzir v4.3


Decompresses a stream of bytes.


decompress <codec>


The decompress operator decompresses bytes in a pipeline incrementally with a known codec. The operator supports decompressing multiple concatenated streams of the same codec transparently.

Streaming Decompression

The operator uses Apache Arrow's compression utilities under the hood, and transparently supports all options that Apache Arrow supports for streaming decompression.

Besides the supported brotli, bz2, gzip, lz4, and zstd, Apache Arrow also ships with codecs for lzo, lz4_raw, lz4_hadoop and snappy, which only support oneshot decompression. Support for them is not currently implemented.


An identifier of the codec to use. Currently supported are brotli, bz2, gzip, lz4, and zstd.


Import Suricata events from a Zstd-compressed file:

load file eve.json.zst
| decompress zstd
| read suricata
| import

Convert a Zstd-compressed file into an LZ4-compressed file:

load file in.zst
| decompress zstd
| compress lz4
| save file out.lz4