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Version: VAST v3.0


This section describes VAST from an operator perspective. We cover the different stages of the setup process that ultimately yield a running VAST instance. You have several options to enter the setup pipeline, based on what intermediate artifact you would like to begin with.

Quick Start

Want hands-on experience with VAST? Then continue with a quick tour below. 👇


To get up and running quickly, we recommend using the static binary or Docker image:

If you have a Linux at your fingertips, just download and extract our package with a static binary:
mkdir /opt/vast
cd /opt/vast
mkdir -p /opt/vast
tar xzf vast-linux-static.tar.gz -C /opt/vast
export PATH="/opt/vast/bin:$PATH" # based on your shell, e.g., fish_add_path /opt/vast/bin
vast start

Now that you have running VAST node, you can start ingesting data.