This changelog documents all notable user-facing changes.

Every entry has a category for which we use the following visual abbreviations:

  • 🎁 = feature
  • 🔄 = change
  • 🐞 = bugfix


  • 🎁 Added Apache Arrow as new export format. This allows users to export query results as Apache Arrow record batches for processing the results downstream, e.g., in Python or Spark.

  • 🔄 The internal representation for netflow-v5 data dropped the relative ‘first’ and ‘last’ fields and gained regular timestamp (‘ts’) and ‘duration’ fields. The old format effectively prevented time based lookups on netflow-v5 data.

  • 🎁 The new aging feature allows for periodic deletion of events. To this end, a new internal component performs periodic queries to select the subset of events to be deleted from archive. Aging is configured at startup when spinning up a node with the start command: the new option --aging-query specifies the query to age out old events and the option --aging-frequency determines how often to perform an aging step (system.aging-query and system.aging-frequency in vast.conf).

0.1 - 2019-02-28

This is the first official release.