vast import csv


usage: import csv [<parameters>]

imports CSV logs from STDIN or file

  [-h | -? | --help] <boolean>   prints the help text
  [--documentation?] <boolean>   prints the Markdown-formatted documentation
  [-l | --listen] <string>       the port number to listen on
  [-r | --read] <string>         path to input where to read events from
  [-s | --schema-file] <string>  path to alternate schema
  [-S | --schema] <string>       alternate schema as string
  [-t | --type] <string>         type the data should be parsed as
  [-d | --uds] <boolean>         treat -r as listening UNIX domain socket


The CSV import format consumes comma-separated values in tabular form. The first line in a CSV file must contain a header that describes the field names. The remaining lines contain concrete values. Except for the header, one line corresponds to one event.

Because CSV has no notion of typing, it is necessary to select a layout via --type/-t whose field names correspond to the CSV header field names.