infers the schema from data
[-h | -? | --help] prints the help text
[-b | --buffer=] <uint64> maximum number of bytes to buffer
[-r | --read=] <string> path to the input data


The infer command attempts to derive a schema from user input. Upon success, it prints a schema template to standard output.

The infer command allows for inferring schemas for the Zeek TSV and JSON formats. Note that the input is required to be JSON, and unlike other VAST commands, JSONL (newline-delimited JSON) is not supported.

Example usage:

gunzip -c integration/data/json/conn.log.json.gz |
head -1 |
vast infer

Note that the output of the vast infer command still needs to be manually edited in case there was an ambiguity, as the type system of the data source format may be less strict than the data model used by VAST. E.g., there is no way to represent an IP address in JSON other than using a string type.

The vast infer command is a good starting point for writing custom schemas, but is not designed to be a replacement for it.

For more informatio on VAST's data model, head over to our data model documentation page.