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Directory Lookup#

VAST reads configuration files from the following places in order:

  1. <sysconfdir>/vast/vast.yaml for system-wide configuration, where sysconfdir is the platform-specific directory for configuration files, e.g., <install-prefix>/etc.
  2. ~/.config/vast/vast.yaml for user-specific configuration. VAST respects the XDG base directory specification and its environment variables.
  3. A path to a configuration file passed via --config=/path/to/vast.yaml.

Options from all configuration files are merged in order, with the latter files receiving a higher precedence than former ones. List options are concatenated.

Plugin Configuration Files#

In addition to vast/vast.yaml, VAST loads vast/plugin/<plugin>.yaml for plugin-specific configuration for a given plugin named <plugin>. The same rules apply as for the regular configuration file directory lookup.

Bare Mode#

Sometimes, users may wish to run VAST without side effects, e.g., when wrapping VAST in their own scripts. Run with --bare-mode to disable looking at all system- and user-specified configuration paths.