Docker Hub

Pre-built Docker images are available at


All images expose a docker volume at /var/db/vast. That volume contains the database contents of VAST, i.e., the index and the archive.

The images use a Linux system user called vast with limited privileges. When you mount a directory for persistent data to /var/db/vast, make sure the vast user inside the container can write to it.

Start VAST in a container and detach it to the background.

mkdir -p /var/db/vast
docker run -dt --name=vast --rm -p 42000:42000 -v /var/db/vast:/var/db/vast tenzir/vast:latest start

Build an Image

You can build a docker image as follows:

docker build -t tenzir/vast:<TAG> --build-arg BRANCH=<master|tag>

There also exists a build script that will tag and exported the Docker images as tag.gz files. The script accepts an optional parameter to build a specific branch or tag.

./scripts/docker-build <BRANCH>