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From Slack to Discord

· One min read
Matthias Vallentin

We are moving our community chat from Slack to Discord. Why? TL;DR: because Discord has better support for community building. VAST is not the first project that abandons Slack. Numerous open-source projects have done the same.

Discord Invite Link

You can join our Discord community chat via

Here are the top four reasons why we are switching:

  • Retention: Slack's free plan has only 90 days message retention. We prefer permanence of our community discussion.

  • Moderation: Discord has solid moderation tools that rely on role-based access, and makes it possible adhere to our Code of Conduct upon joining.

  • Invitation: Unlimited invite links that do not expire.

  • Inclusion: Users can self-assign their preferred pronouns.

We hope that the majority of our Slack users understand these concerns and will join us over at Discord. See you there!