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Version: v4.14

Build the Docker image

Our Dockerfile has two starting points: a development and production layer.

Before building the image, make sure to fetch all submodules:

git clone --recursive
cd tenzir
git submodule update --init --recursive -- libtenzir plugins tenzir

Build the production image

The production image is optimized for size and security. This is the official tenzir/tenzir image. From the repository root, build it as follows:

docker build -t tenzir/tenzir .

Build the development image

The development image tenzir/tenzir-dev contains all build-time dependencies of Tenzir. It runs with a root user to allow for building custom images that build additional Tenzir plugins. By default, Tenzir loads all installed plugins in our images.

Build the development image by specifying it as --target:

docker build -t tenzir/tenzir-dev --target development .