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Sometimes things go wrong. Oh no :-(. This page provides guidance on what to do in error scenarios we've encountered.

Get help!

Need someone to talk to? Swing by our Discord channel where the Tenzir team and the community hang out to help each other. Alternatively, send us an email at We'll help you out as soon as possible.


A node does not connect to the platform

After you've followed the instructions to deploy a node, the node does not show up in the platform.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Ensure that your firewall allows outbound 443/TCP traffic.
  2. Start the node manually on the command line via tenzir-node and observe the output. In case you see a warning or an error, share it with us.

A node fails to connect with system_error: failed to resolve

You may see this error message when a node attempts to connect to the platform:

platform-client failed to connect: !! system_error: failed to connect: !! system_error: failed to resolve; will retry in 2m

This can happen when additional name servers for custom domains are configured in your /etc/resolv.conf. This is commonly referred to as Split DNS. The name resolution algorithm in our official Linux binaries does not support such a setup natively. A split DNS setup is best implemented by using a local caching nameserver such as dnsmasq or systemd-resolved.