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Version: v4.18

Collect metrics

Tenzir keeps track of metrics about node resource usage, pipeline state, and runtime performance.

Metrics are stored as internal events in the node's storage engine, allowing you to work with metrics just like regular data. Use the metrics source operator to access the metrics. The operator documentation lists all available metrics in detail.

The metrics operator provides a copy of existing metrics. You can use it multiple time to reference the same metrics feed.

Write metrics to a file

Export metrics continuously to a file via metrics --live:

metrics --live
| to /var/log/tenzir/metrics.json --append write json --compact-output

This attaches to incoming metrics feed and forward them as NDJSON automatically to a file. Without --live, the metrics operator returns the snapshot of all historical metrics.

Summarize metrics

You can shape metrics like ordinary data, e.g., write aggregations over metrics to compute runtime statistics suitable for reporting or dashboarding:

| where #schema == "tenzir.metrics.operator" && sink == true
| summarize runtime=sum(duration) by pipeline_id
| sort runtime desc

The above example computes the total runtime over all pipelines grouped by their unique ID.