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Version: v4.18


Loads bytes from and saves bytes to Kafka.



kafka [-t <topic>] [-c|--count <n>] [-e|--exit] [-o|--offset <offset>]
[-X|--set <key=value>,...]


kafka [-t <topic>] [-k|--key <key>] [-T|--timestamp <time>]
[-X|--set <key=value>]


The kafka loader reads bytes from a Kafka topic. The kafka saver writes bytes to a Kafka topic.

The implementation uses the official librdkafka from Confluent and supports all configuration options. You can specify them via -X <key=value>,.... We recommend putting your Kafka options into the dedicated kafka.yaml plugin config file. This way you can configure your all your environment-specific options once, independent of the per-connector invocations.

The connector injects the following default librdkafka configuration values in case no configuration file is present, or when the configuration does not include them:

  • bootstrap.servers: localhost
  • tenzir
  • tenzir

The default format for the kafka connector is json.

-t|--topic <topic> (Loader, Saver)

The Kafka topic use.

Defaults to tenzir.

-c|--count <n> (Loader)

Exit successfully after having consumed n messages.

-e|--exit (Loader)

Exit successfully after having received the last message.

Without this option, the loader waits for new messages after having consumed the last one.

-o|--offset <offset> (Loader)

The offset to start consuming from. Possible values are:

  • beginning: first offset
  • end: last offset
  • stored: stored offset
  • <value>: absolute offset
  • -<value>: relative offset from end

-X|--set <key=value> (Loader, Saver)

A comma-separated list of key-value configuration options for librdkafka, e.g., -X auto.offset.reset=earliest,enable.partition.eof=true.

The kafka operator passes the key-value pairs directly to librdkafka. Consult the list of available configuration options to configure Kafka according to your needs.

We recommand factoring these options into the plugin-specific kafka.yaml so that they are indpendent of the kafka connector arguments.

-k|--key <key> (Saver)

Sets a fixed key for all messages.

-T|--timestamp <time> (Saver)

Sets a fixed timestamp for all messages.


Read 100 JSON messages from the topic tenzir:

from kafka -c 100 read json

Read Zeek Streaming JSON logs from topic zeek starting at the beginning:

from kafka -t zeek -o beginning read zeek-json

Write the Tenzir version to topic tenzir with timestamp from the past:

version | to kafka -T 1984-01-01

Follow a CSV file and publish it to topic data:

from file -f /tmp/data.csv read csv | to kafka -t data