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Loads bytes from a Google Cloud Service object. Saves bytes to a Google Cloud Service object.



gcs [--anonymous] <object>


gcs [--anonymous] <object>


The gcs loader connects to a GCS bucket to acquire raw bytes from a GCS object. The gcs saver writes bytes to a GCS object in a GCS bucket.

The connector tries to retrieve the appropriate credentials using Google's Application Default Credentials.

<object> (Loader, Saver)

The path to the GCS object.

The syntax is gs://<bucket-name>/<full-path-to-object>(?<options>). The <options> are query parameters. Per the Arrow documentation, the following options exist:

For GCS, the supported parameters are scheme, endpoint_override, and retry_limit_seconds.

--anonymous (Loader, Saver)

Ignore any predefined credentials and try to load/save with anonymous credentials.


Read JSON from an object log.json in the folder logs in bucket. Note how the gcs loader is used automatically, when the URL scheme is gs://.

from gcs gs://bucket/logs/log.json
from gs://bucket/logs/log.json

Read JSON from an object test.json in bucket, but using a different GCS-compatible endpoint:

from gcs gs://bucket/test.json?