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Reads and writes BITZ, Tenzir's internal wire format.




The bitz format provides a parser and printer for Tenzir's internal wire format. It enables lossless transfer of events between Tenzir nodes through any connector.

BITZ is an unstable format, i.e., it cannot safely be written to disk and be read again later with another Tenzir version.

Use BITZ when you need high-throughput structured data exchange with minimal overhead. BITZ is a thin wrapper around Arrow's record batches. That is, BITZ lays out data in a (compressed) columnar fashion that makes it conducive for analytical workloads. Since it's padded and byte-aligned, it is portable and doesn't induce any deserialization cost, making it suitable for write-once-read-many use cases.

Did you know?

BITZ is short for binary Tenzir, and a play on the word bits.


Transfer events between two pipelines using zmq.

Send BITZ over ZeroMQ
| to zmq://localhost:5670 write bitz
Receive BITZ from ZeroMQ
from zmq://localhost:5670 read bitz
| import