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Prepend a column with row numbers.


enumerate [<field>]


The enumerate operator prepends a new column with row numbers to the beginning of the input record.

Per-schema Counting

The operator counts row numbers per schema. We plan to change this behavior with a in the future once we have a modifer that toggles "per-schema-ness" explicitly.


Sets the name of the output field.

Defaults to # to avoid conflicts with existing field names.


Enumerate the input by prepending row numbers:

from file eve.json read suricata | select event_type | enumerate | write json
{"#": 0, "event_type": "alert"}
{"#": 0, "event_type": "flow"}
{"#": 1, "event_type": "flow"}
{"#": 0, "event_type": "http"}
{"#": 1, "event_type": "alert"}
{"#": 1, "event_type": "http"}
{"#": 2, "event_type": "flow"}
{"#": 0, "event_type": "fileinfo"}
{"#": 3, "event_type": "flow"}
{"#": 4, "event_type": "flow"}

Use index as field name instead of the default:

enumerate index