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Tenzir v4.13

· 3 min read
Dominik Lohmann

We've just released Tenzir v4.13, a release focusing on stability and incremental improvements over the feature-packed past releases.

Acquire LEEF Over Syslog

Tenzir now speaks LEEF out of the box. The Log Event Extended Format (LEEF) is an event representation popularized by IBM QRadar. Many tools send LEEF over Syslog.

LEEF is a line-based format and every line begins with a header that is followed by attributes in the form of key-value pairs.

LEEF v1.0 defines 5 header fields and LEEF v2.0 has an additional field to customize the key-value pair separator, which can be a single character or the hex value prefixed by 0x or x:


For LEEF v1.0, the tab (\t) character is hard-coded as attribute separator.

Here are some real-world LEEF events:

LEEF:1.0|Microsoft|MSExchange|2016|15345|src=  dst=  spt=1200

Tenzir translates the event attributes into a nested record, where the key-value pairs map to record fields. Here is an example of the parsed events from above:

"leef_version": "1.0",
"vendor": "Microsoft",
"product_name": "MSExchange",
"product_version": "2016",
"attributes": {
"src": "",
"dst": "",
"spt": 1200,
"leef_version": "2.0",
"vendor": "Lancope",
"product_name": "StealthWatch",
"product_version": "1.0",
"attributes": {
"src": "",
"dst": "",
"sev": 5,
"srcPort": 81,
"dstPort": 21

LEEF events typically transmit through Syslog as demonstrated here:

<12>Nov 21 13:44:35 LAPTOP-45Q5L6E5 Microsoft-Windows-Security-Mitigations[4340]: LEEF:2.0|Microsoft|Microsoft-Windows-Security-Mitigations|4.6.4640-trial|10|0x09|devTime=2019-11-21 … (truncated for brevity)

With Tenzir's parse operator, parsing nested data structures like LEEF in Syslog becomes straightforward. For instance, the following pipeline reads Syslog containing LEEF over UDP:

from udp:// -n read syslog
| parse content leef
"facility": 1,
"severity": 4,
"timestamp": "Nov 21 13:44:35",
"hostname": "LAPTOP-45Q5L6E5",
"app_name": "Microsoft-Windows-Security-Mitigations",
"process_id": "4340",
"content": {
"leef_version": "2.0",
"vendor": "Microsoft",
"product_name": "Microsoft-Windows-Security-Mitigations",
"product_version": "4.6.4640-trial",
"attributes": {
"devTime": "2019-11-21T13:44:35.000000",
// … (truncated for brevity)

Cron Scheduling

Expanding on our scheduling capabilities, Tenzir now includes a cron operator modifier enabling precise scheduling using Crontab syntax instead of fixed intervals.

For example, the following pipeline does an API request every Sunday at 04:05 in the morning:

cron "0 5 4 * * SUN" from

Performance Improvements for Imports

The import operator introduces a slight delay (up to one second) in event handling to batch events by schema, substantially enhancing performance.

Other Changes

For a full list of enhancements, adjustments, and bug fixes in this release, please check our changelog.

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