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Tenzir v4.14

· 2 min read
Johannes Misch

Introducing Tenzir v4.14: A major update to the summarize operator with new aggreagtion functions, and support for slicing with strides.

Introducing Streaming Aggregation

Our summarize operator just got a whole lot smarter! With new timeout and update-timeout options, you can now perform streaming aggregations. These settings determine how long a bucket remains active based on when the first and last events arrive. timeout keeps events for a specified duration, while update-timeout helps finalize buckets sooner when grouped events arrive quickly.

New Statistical Aggregation Functions

Get ready to enhance your data analysis with four new aggregation functions:

  • mean: Calculates the average of grouped numeric values.
  • approximate_median: Uses the t-digest algorithm to find an approximate median for grouped numbers.
  • stddev: Computes the standard deviation of grouped numeric values.
  • variance: Calculates the variance within the grouped data.

These functions will help you gain more insights and precision in your data summaries.

Enhanced Slicing with Strides

The slice operator now has a more flexible argument format: <begin>:<end>. Here are some examples:

  • slice 10:: Skips the first ten events.
  • slice 10:20: Includes events from 10 to 19.
  • slice :-10: Omits the last ten events.

We've also added support for strides. Use slice <begin>:<end>:<stride> to specify steps between events. Want to reverse the event order? The new reverse operator does just that, equivalent to slice ::-1.

More Updates and Improvements

For detailed information on all the enhancements, adjustments, and fixes in this release, check out our changelog.

Dive into the new features at, and be sure to join the conversation on our Discord server.

We hope you enjoy the enhancements in Tenzir v4.14!