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Tenzir v4.15

ยท 3 min read
Dominik Lohmann

Tenzir v4.15 is now available for download. The Tenzir Platform now shows live-updating pipeline activity, and the Tenzir Node has improved support for subnet keys in lookup tables, and installs natively for RedHat Linux and its derivatives.

Pipeline Activityโ€‹

The pipeline overview page on now features a live-updating view of recent pipeline activity.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch the data flow! ๐Ÿฟ

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RedHat Linux Supportโ€‹

Installing a Tenzir Node is now easier than ever on RedHat Linux and its derivatives. As of this release, it is now possible to install Tenzir as an RPM package. Just run the installer script to get started:

curl | sh

Subnet Keys in Lookup Tablesโ€‹

The lookup-table context now handles subnet keys correctly. Lookups with an IP address or subnet value now match if the key is within any of the subnets used as keys. If multiple subnets match, then the best match is returned.

Want to learn more?

We wrote a new user guide about using subnet keys in lookup tables: Enrich with Network Inventory.

Sort by Multiple Fieldsโ€‹

The sort operator now supports sorting by multiple fields, specified in order of precedence. The following two examples have the exact same behavior, making sorting by multiple fields much easier:

Before: sorting was limited to one field at a time
sort baz
| sort --stable bar
| sort --stable foo
After: sorting now supports multiple fields
sort foo, bar, baz

Edit Pipelinesโ€‹

The /pipeline/update API endpoint now supports updating the definition of a pipeline. This functionality will soon be available in the app for nodes that support it. Gone are the times where editing a pipeline required copying its definition, redeploying it, deleting the old and starting the new version.

Other Changesโ€‹

For a full list of enhancements, adjustments, and bug fixes in this release, please check our changelog.

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